Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Date Night

First off - you need to know something about me.  I am a black and white person.  A rule follower if there ever was one.

Next thing that you need to know - Jesse is the opposite.

Which leads us to a recent date night that we had (and several other personality related stories that deserve their own post).

We were both craving a nice soak in a hot tub (which are abundant in this town through ritzy hotel gates).  However, being the boring, rule following, no hot tub poaching girl that I am that left us one option - Rec center (without sneaking past the front desk).

Now before you go off getting a dirty gym picture in your head let me paint you a new one via these three phrases: Rock climbing wall in the pool. Lazy river. Water slide!  Yeah.  That's right.  Take that fancy hotels.

It was Jesse's first time to said rec center (I had been there before because of the aforementioned personality restrictions on hot tubs). 

It was so much fun to watch him splash around like a 5 year old - he loves the water almost as much as he loves the snow.

However, the highlight of the night came when after going down the water slide for the first time he looked at me with huge puppy dog eyes and said:

"Can we have my birthday party here this year!"

Of course honey!  As long as we pay. :)

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