Let's talk about money, honey!

Money - it's a taboo subject but it is something that Jesse and I both passionate about talking about, with each other and with others.

Our Story

Neither Jesse or I were very aware of money or our spending when we met.  He carefully watched the bottom line in his bank account to make sure that he had enough to get by.  I just watched what I spent and "splurged" every once in awhile.  Though neither one of us had ever really run into a whole lot of trouble with money/debt we still could definitely have done better.

When our relationship started to get serious and we sought the counsel of others, one common topic that was mentioned for a lasting relationship was to get on the same page about finances.  Thankfully our church was offering Financial Peace University which we attended and loved. Not only did it get us talking (to each other - very important!) about money but we set out to live life differently - on a budget.