Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A case of the sniffles

I've got a case of the sniffles today which usually leads me to walk around with a box of my own tissues under my arm and think mean things like "yes I have my own box of tissue and that is because yours feel like sandpaper" and "I don't look tired - I look sick so go ahead and just tell me that."  Instead of moping around in my withered state I figured I would try to think of some things that I am thankful for.

1.  Whoever decided to put lotion into tissues.  GENIUS!  Double points to the person who put Vicks in them.  Hear that - double points you brilliant person you!  'nough said.
2.  The {apparently} engrossing book that husband is reading at the moment that somehow is managing to distract him from how gross and pathetic I am right now.
3. The fact that my mother is coming on Friday!  Just in time to heal me.
4.  The mint oreos that I found after I had hidden them from myself a week ago - serious addiction to these
5.  My job!  It is 40 hours a week and I get paid.  That is BIG these days people.
6.  Memories of moments like the one above
7.  Sleepytime Extra tea - yup about to get down on some of that
8.  A husband who doesn't disintegrate into thin air if I don't cook a meal
9.  My electric toothbrush that somehow manages to make me feel alive again in just two minutes
10.  My snuggle buddy that is not deterred by a few sniffles

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