Thursday, September 15, 2011

What husbands were made for

You guys . . . Lily got crunched. :(

To make things brief - I hydroplaned on the highway yesterday and completely lost control of my car. I ended up pinballing off of one concrete barrier across the highway only to hit the one on the other side.  But that is not what this is about.

This is about my husband.

This is about the guy that came to my side as quickly as he possibly could and gave me a huge but not too hard hug.  The guy that let me wait in his car while he dealt with the police, firemen, and tow truck.  The guy that held my hand all of the way home as I helplessly cried.  The guy that took me in his arms as soon as we were alone and prayed for me and cried for me.  The guy that without me saying anything ordered chinese and picked up a movie.  The guy that told me over and over that I had done everything right (even though I probably didn't).  The guy that called the insurance company and took care of everything.  The guy that let me lay in his arms while we watched the movie and rubbed my sore neck and back.  The guy that made me safe again and loved beyond measure.

What would I do without this man?  I think husbands were made for moments like these.

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