Tuesday, December 6, 2011

And Then, We Moved . . .

. . . to a place with breathtaking views,
 and cobblestone streets,
adorable children,
 and silly animals.
 A place with incredible history,
 and charming,
 quaint city streets.
 A place with vibrant colors, and warm clothes,
red roofs,
and tons of stairs (everywhere!).

We've moved to a place called Cusco, Peru and we are so excited to see what is to come!  Although this move is not permanent (we will be returning to the States in April), we feel so blessed to have the opportunity to travel, and live in another culture at this point in our lives.

While I don't intend on morphing this little blog of ours into a travel diary, I know that you won't mind if I share bits of our life here from time to time will you?  Let the adventure begin.

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