Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February instagram

If you have been following me on Instagram (mollydrees) you have probably seen these already but I thought I would post them here as well.  I decided to participate in the #febphotoaday challenge this month and I'm really glad I did.  Because I am traveling right now it really forced me to take pictures of things that I wouldn't normally think to.  Now I am happy to have these memories.  From left to right here were the guidelines (plus some explanations in parentheses):

1. Your view today
2.  Words
3.  Hands
4.  A stranger
5.  10 am - (church)
6.  Dinner
7.  Button
8.  Sun
9.  Front Door
10.  Self portrait
11.  Makes you happy (the ring on my man's finger)
12.  Inside your closet (yes that is my closet)
13.  Blue (waiting at the bus station)
14.  Heart
15.  Phone
16.  Something new (chocolate covered saltine crackers - yumm!)
17.  Time (there is no such thing as time when you are at the beach)
18.  Drink
19.  Something you hate to do (pack)
20.  Something you ate
21.  A fave photo of you (when I was little)
22.  Where you work (obviously not working right now)
23.  Your shoes
24.  Inside your bathroom cabinet
25.  Green (yes that place is for real - Colca Valley, Peru)
26.  Night
27.  Something you ate
28.  Money
29.  Something you're listening to (most popular song in South America right now)

Anyone want to join for #marchphotoaday?  You can follow me under the username mollydrees.  :)

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