Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Date Night: Let's Go to the Movies

Does it mean you are getting old when you can't remember the last movie that you saw in the theater?  No? Ok, good.  Then we can move on from all other things age related - like why in the world do they have to make the sound in the theaters sooooo loud?  No really, I'm done.

So, which of the movies on that marquee do you think we went to see?  Batman, of course.  You see Batman and I have this history together.  You know, the kind of history that started with "a pair of new shoes with matching laces . . ." (And if we are going to be friends you'd better know what I am talking about).

I saw the first Batman movie on my 23rd birthday.  I was living by myself in Connecticut for my first job out of college.  I was a bit lost in the big world and pretty lonely.  Now that I think about it I may very well have gone to the movies alone.  Now, strangely, whenever a new Batman movie comes out it reminds me of that time and how far I have come.  I find myself so thankful to now have a husband whose hand I can squeeze (very tightly) through all of the scary parts - which for me was about 98% of the movie (I am on a strict rom-com/documentary movie viewing plan and only make exceptions for Batman and Bourne).  And then there is the fact that I now have someone to share that bag of popcorn with because I think we all know that I am fully capable of eating it all myself.  Yep, I know I've come a long way.

PS - Joseph Gordon Levitt when did you grow up!?

PPS - True

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