Friday, August 17, 2012

oh i'm sorry we haven't met, we're the old married couple

Last night Jesse and I went to a friend's house for a group dinner.  There was a new person to town and we were invited to help welcome them in.  We always have a good time when we are out and about hanging with old friends and meeting new ones.  About half way through our rather loud and laughter filled conversation around an overflowing table somehow the topic turned to relationships/marriage and suddenly it dawned on us that we were the only married couple there.

Sure there were some couples that were obviously in love and enjoying the dating part of their relationship.  And then there were the singles that all rallied each other up for some after dinner drinks and dancing.  But, despite being the minority amongst our group of friends, I still choose marriage - to this man.  And, I wonder how out of that whole room full of people I am the one who was lucky enough to have someone promise me "forever."  Me.  That shy girl that sat in the corner of her class, the one that tried her hardest just to blend in.  Its still hard for me to believe.

The daters and singles can have their PDA and late nights.  I'm perfectly content being the old married one that falls asleep in her husband's arms at 10pm sharp (or 9:30).

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