Monday, March 25, 2013


- baby girl has found a sort of cocoon of a spot for what I think is her tiny foot just inside my right ribcage.  ouch!  i love you sweet girl but can we maybe work something else out?
- my memory is not what it used to be - did i already shampoo my hair once this shower?, and oh yeah that conversation that i apparently had with one of my husband's employees - no recollection. none!
- my reflection sort of jumps out and surprises me.  woah!  talk about a bump.  i don't feel nearly as big as i look
- i've been reading this book
- i've been dreaming of feeling those sweet little fingers wrapped around mine and nuzzling that perfect little nose.  baby noses are most certainly my weakness.
- everyone i know and more often those i have never met want to tell me their "how i birthed my child" stories and you know what - bring it on! lately i've become so in love with the way my body is handling this most amazing miracle that nothing you say will intimidate me in the least.
- the sounds that have been coming out of my mouth when putting on shoes are otherworldly.  if this is any sort of warm up for labor get ready nurses - you are in for a show
- the nesting bug has hit hard and i am doing things like making melon balls and ironing pillow cases.  never mind that the nursery is no where near finished.

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