Tuesday, June 4, 2013

so, so good

let me just tell you quickly about the joy that is 6 weeks.

6 weeks is like this bridge that you have seen from a distance for so long and didn't quite know what was on the other side of it.  you keep getting closer and closer to it and the closer that you get the more exciting what is on the other side looks.  the hint of a smile, the start of recognition, the wonder and awe at every little movement.  and good grief if you don't feel like you have just run a marathon every single day those last 6 weeks, but you feel it in the best kind of way where you are so sore and tired but so incredibly exhilarated and proud that you don't actually have any recollection of running those first 25 miles.  and then you get to this bridge and you stand up on it (because you are now able to stand on your own two feet at this point) and you can look out to where you have come from and admire how beautiful those past six weeks were.  because they were beautiful, wildly and mysteriously beautiful especially when looking back from this vantage point.  and then you look out in the other direction and you can see those next six weeks stretched out before you and oh goodness do they look like fun.  full nights of sleep, smiles, laughter, baby coos and plump round faces to greet you each morning.

and there you are standing on top of this bridge with your baby in your arms.  and oh she looks so big in your arms but then you hand her to your husband and miraculously she is somehow still a tiny newborn as well.  and you cherish her at this size.  and you just stand there, the three of you, and take it all in as long as you can.  no doubt these next six weeks will be altogether too fast.  but for right now, this moment is just perfect.  this moment of relief and joy, of anticipation and of the realization that this parenting thing is just going to keep on getting better and better.

6 weeks is just so, so good!

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