Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A {near} perfect day


Just in case you are ever in need of a nearly perfect day try to gather these few things:

- A bluebird cloudless sky
- A good workout in the gym - just enough to feel the burn and to justify . . .
- A slice of leftover birthday cake for breakfast (which may or may not equate to 1/4 the size of the entire cake - your choice)
 - A poolside lounge chair overlooking the greenest of green mountains
- A good book that you have read just enough of to pique your interest but have enough left of to still look forward to becoming fully immersed
- A husband that returns from a hot, sweaty, hard day of work with a kiss and a smile saying "I hope you relaxed today!"
- A scrumptious meal at home
 - A walk around the neighborhood picking out dream homes and giggling at people that paint their snow blowers the same color as their house so as to have them blend in.
 - A tire swing
- A gorgeous sunset
- A husband that does the dishes
- A little bit of snuggle time before falling asleep

Did I miss anything?


I think that about has it covered.

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