Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Railroad tracks and heroic deeds

Date night this week involved driving up an over a curvy mountain road to an even smaller (and quirkier) mountain town for dinner.  Although this road always makes me a little bit uneasy (think falling rocks and wildlife on one side, and a massive dropoff to a raging river on the other), husband decided to make it especially adventurous by letting the little friendly gas light come on half way there. :)  Silly man sure knows how to encourage a girl to live on the wild side.

On top of having a really delicious meal with my man I learned something new about him . . . the guy is a hero!  As we were walking along the railroad tracks after dinner, he recounted to me how once in that same spot he and a friend saw a dog on the other side of the river that was too afraid to cross because of the current.  So, they waded across the river and carried it back to the other side.  Pitter, patter - be still my heart.

If we were still dating I might question the validity of the story as just a clever ploy to win my heart.  But, as his wife I can honestly vouch for the fact that the dog weighed 200 lbs and the river was up to his neck and there was a bear chasing him but he somehow managed to save the poor stranded animal!  Sorry ladies you lose, I win.  The hero of the story is spoken for.

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