Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Bro

Today is my little brother Parker's birthday!  Hasn't he gone from quite the little cutie patootie to down right dashing?  Sorry to tease but he is totally and completely unavailable thanks to this lovely lady.

Sometimes I find it hard to remember that he is in fact two years younger than me because of all of the cool things he has done and accomplished like:

- Winning third place (alongside his bride) in writing, directing, and acting in a yoplait commercial contest
- Hanging out in NYC with the likes of Susan Sarandon
- Directing a music video (not for Rhianna or anyone but still for an actual signed artist)
- Having his voice booming over the loudspeakers in Giants Stadium alongside his edited clip reel on the big screen

Oh yeah - that LITTLE brother.

I'm so proud of you Parker!!!  Happy Birthday little Bro!

Now move closer to me!

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