Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Wrap Up: Moments with Children

This week was such a welcome change from the norm.   It was spent with some of my favorite kids doing all of the things that children love to do: wading in streams, riding bikes, swimming, getting dirty, eating sugar, playing games, making ice cream, having nurf gun wars, braiding hair, eating pizza and laughing!  It was such a joy to take a trip back to the days when life was carefree and losing a game of "Old Maid" was the only thing that induced tears.  What a precious treasure kids are in our lives!

Here are some things from around the web that caught me this week with kids on the mind:
  • These boys are hilarious and probably going to turn out to be uber talented (the hip shaking gets me every time!)
  • I love Sydney's shopping list for her soon-to-be-born little boy
  • Love this idea for a memory book when you are pregnant

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