Thursday, July 28, 2011

Put a little gravel in your travel


Get on out of town!  That is exactly what hubs and I decided to do last night; it was splendid.  We packed ourselves a little picnic and headed up, up, up into the mountains with the windows rolled down and country on the radio.  :)  The road was a little bit like a rollercoaster ride but the mister is an excellent driver when it comes to dirt roads, large ruts and massive rocks in the way so I was completely at ease, even when coming back down the mountain in complete darkness.  We were attempting to make it to the very tipy top of the mountain so that we could have a 360 degree view with the sunset but alas snow on the road (yes SNOW at the end of July!) deterred us so we turned around and "settled" for this 180 degree view instead.  Again, without even trying, Thursday night wins!

P.S. Blog post title taken from this catchy tune

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