Friday, August 19, 2011

and just like that it was gone

Today husband sold the car.  Cue happy face.  It had been sitting around collecting unnecessary insurance bills for the last couple of months but there was still something sad about saying goodbye.

In a small town you are known for the car you drive.  Its how we identify who is at the grocery store, or pulled over by the police - ya know important stuff like that.  Well, ever since I had met Jesse "The Yeep" (his name for it) was part of his identity.

This was the car that picked me up for our first date

And that had an old school telephone that Jesse used to get me to laugh for the first time

The car that I could hear coming from miles away and gave me butterflies in my stomach

And that took us up and over mountains for romantic picnics

The car that was present for our first fight and the kisses that came afterwards

This was the car held up just long enough to help us pay off all of our debt

And now it's gone.

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