Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On Ice Cream Cones, Earthquakes, and Walking at Sunset

Ok, first - why did I stop eating ice cream in cones when I was 12?  I guess something about eating it out of a bowl seemed so much more sophisticated to me (that, and I loved mashing it up into ice cream soup).  But seriously, ice cream on the go - GENIUS!!  You can enjoy the creamy, cold deliciousness and hold your honey's hand at the same time. :)

Moving on.  My Mom sent us an email today about the earthquake that she experienced in Virginia (apparently there was also one in CO but we didn't feel it) which prompted a rather serious discussion between Jesse and I about the bigger picture of life.  Rather serious = I cried like a baby, note the puffiness of my eyes.  But this guy, the one right up there with the kindest eyes I have ever seen, has this incredible way of not only calming my fears but also giving me an amazing sense of hope.  I love him to bits!  I asked him tonight how it is even possible that he remained unmarried all of those years before me and you know what he said, "I was waiting for you."  Yep, recommence waterfall of tears.

In the end, we watched the sunset and walked home amongst green grass, tall trees and meandering creeks.  I love my life with this man.  The ups and downs, tears and joys!

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