Friday, December 16, 2011

30 before 30

On June 16, 2012 I will turn 30!

While I am more the type to put things on my "to-do" list only after they have been accomplished (so as to have the pleasure of crossing them off), I do also have a mental list of things that have been nagging at me for awhile but I am always too afraid to admit or follow through on them (for the record I have been trying to dye my hair brown ever since I was about 18 but always chicken out in the stylist's chair).  So, I figured why not put them down on paper . . . er . . . the internet and make them happen in the next six months?

So here it is, my 30 before 30 -

1. Dye my hair brown (seen here)
2. Take a photography class
3. Become conversational in Spanish (check)
4. Learn to cook curr (completed 6/12/12 - used this recipe and it was easy peasy)
5. Sell/throw away/give away everything that we don't use or need! ("everything" might be a strong word but we got rid of most)
6. Get approved for a home mortgage (in process)
7. Take a cooking class
8. Finish our wedding book (2 years later)
9. Update picture frames throughout the apartment (done)
10. Take guitar lessons
11. Loose 10 pounds (we're starting at 145 over here) - (getting close 3lbs to go)
12. Learn to appreciate yogurt (who knows I may end up liking it in the process) (love
13. Bake and decorate a cake from scratch (completed 6/9/12 - used this recipe and got rave reviews)
14. Buy a nice watch
15. Learn to apply liquid eyeliner and then wear it somewhere (done)
16. Find a lipstick that I feel comfortable wearing (my two current favorites)
17. Romance my husband
18. Own a pearl necklace
19. Sew a piece of clothing (got the fabric)
20. Attempt to bake french bread at home (done)
21. Stop biting my nails
22. Make a habit of washing my face at night
23. Cook a meal without using a recipe
24.  Forgive myself for my past "failures"
25.  Host a dinner
26.  Compliment a stranger (apparently this is easier than I thought, I quite enjoy it now)
27.  Establish a weekly family tradition
28.  Refurbish a piece of furniture (coming right up)
29.  Clean out my computer - that means you 7th grade English papers
30.  Throw myself a PARTY!

Some of these things are definitely a little bit more subjective than others but I feel confident that I am capable of making it all happen (I am almost thirty after all - that's practically an adult!)

As accountability I will be updating the blog as they happen (and crossing them off here)

Wish me luck!

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