Wednesday, April 11, 2012

why hello there, mrs. brunette

Ok,  now I understand. 

The brunettes of this world have us all fooled.  They tell us natural blondes to "go lighter" in the springtime whilst they run around town snatching up all of the brightly colored spring clothing that makes their hair shine and  eyes pop with the triumph of deception spread across their fuchsia lined smiles.

Well, now I'm one of them, er at least I would be if I had anything so much as an orange scarf in my wardrobe.  Forest green counts as bright right?  On that note maybe we should just talk about how excited I am to wear yellow!  Yep, new favorite color (in my imaginary dressing room world - you have one of those too don't you?)

Oh, and just in case you were wondering how in the world after 29 years of blonde ambition I finally worked up the courage to make the switch, I'll tell you: I dared myself!  That's right, who knew that after all of the years of careful evaluation, magazine cutouts, talking with different stylists, and occasionally stroking the brunette locks of strangers, all it would take was 6 year old Molly saying to 29 year old Molly, "I dare you!"  No double dogging required, I pinky swear.

In conclusion, if you are a natural blonde looking for a little bit of a change this spring I would highly recommend going lighter - truuuust me. (shhhh!)

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