Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ten of the best things about being back in the United States after four months away

1.  Family and friends - whahoo
2.  All of the new songs that have accumulated for my radio listening pleasure
3.  Rootbeer (and while we are on the topic of food lets go ahead and throw cheddar cheese in there)
4.  Driving my car - FREEEEEDOM
5.  An oven to cook in
6.  How my hair magically dries in under 24 hours with this thing called a blowdryer
7.  Hot showers
8.  Movies and TV shows that I can now catch up on (anyone feel like having a Downton Abbey marathon with me?)
9.   Hello my long lost clothes
10.  Hot showers (no this is not a mistake - it just earns double points)

We're so glad to be home!

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