Monday, June 4, 2012

first camping trip of the summer

Our friends Jeff and Andrea asked us to go camping this weekend and of course we said "yes!"  There is just something so exciting about hopping in a car on a Friday evening and heading up into the hills for that first taste of summer.  It gets me every time.  So, we loaded up the "Trouck-a", kicked up some dirt and found ourselves a nice little slice of nature just a mere 45 minutes outside of our door.
We set up camp and got to cooking
 Watched and incredible sunset
And talked around the light of a full moon and lanterns (since Smoky has put a ban on campfires for the time being).   And when there were more yawns than words echoing off the trees we headed into our tents.
I woke up surprisingly refreshed (despite the nightmares that I had about bears coming into our campsite) and was greeted by my favorite face handing me a hot cup of tea.  Oh this man!
After breakfast burritos we headed out for a hike (and husband enjoyed his favorite past time - Elk scouting)
I love my Colorado views
And then it was back down the mountain (Ford commercial style)
Thanks for an awesome 18 hours in the woods friends!  It was just what this working girl needed this weekend.

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