Monday, August 13, 2012


There are some days that rain is a nuisance.  A wet, cold, make all of those errands that you have to run a little bit harder kind of nuisance.

But then, then there are magnificent rainy days!  Days when you don't have to go to work and your husband whispers for you to sleep in just a little.bit.longer.  The only pressing issue on your mind is what to make for dinner and there is time to relish all of those little guilty pleasures that you have stored up for just such an occasion.  Days when your husband surprises you by coming home early just in time to take a cozy nap cuddled under a blanket on the couch.  When the world outside of your window is the best combination of fog and mist and emerald green.  When there is time to savor the smell of cinnamon and apples baking in your oven and cookies are made just because.  Those kind of days are not to be taken for granted because I am convinced that they are without a doubt the most perfect kind of days.

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