Monday, April 29, 2013

weekend milestones

this photo is completely unrelated to what you are about to read but it cracks me up so i had to share.  i think the poor girl already knows that her mother takes too many pictures and is trying to tell me to back off.

they say that when you have a baby everything changes, that you start to appreciate the little things a bit more (like 3 hours of sleep in a row - just as an example of course. not anything that i can relate to).  so, just for the sake of remembering how big these little things are i thought that i would share them here so that in a couple of months i can look back and smile on these first few days with Hazel.

Sunday afternoon i took a nap - flat out on my stomach!  my stomach!  do you know how glorious it was to add this fourth sleeping position back into my repertoire?  it was glorious!  also, thanks to the help of my mother, Jesse and I were able to sneak away for one whole hour to attend church, just the two of us.  first public appearance since baby - check that one off the list.  then there was that "glass" of red wine that really didn't amount to much more than a couple of sips but it sure did taste good, and i'm really not much of a drinker. 

Hazel and i also just jumped right in and got over our fear of breastfeeding in public.  sure i was in a corner and nobody was around (and thank goodness because i was a fumbling mess between the buttons and the blanket) but it was a public building and we were doing our thing so i count it as a success.  speaking of feedings, this kiddo and i are starting to figure out our system, which i probably shouldn't lump in with the little things because this is HUGE (engorgement is no joke)!  its one of those you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours scenarios and let me just tell you that the human body is incredible with the way that it can adapt.  incredible!! 

and now back to the little stuff.  hmmm, how about the four times that i managed to leave the house for a walk.  oh the pain! but, around here you don't just go wasting two 60 degree days in April.  i should probably also mention the mild freak out that i had over goose bumps on her little body while i was changing her.  i started crying and fumbling with her clothes thinking for sure she was going to freeze up into a little popsicle right there on the spot.  haha, you should have seen jesse not really sure who he should rescue first - the cold child or his hysterical wife.  whew!  well at least we got that out of the way.  i'll be a calm, cool, and collected mom from this point forward, i'm sure of it.  also, without thinking, i licked my finger to wipe off a spot on her face.  so, apparently that is instintive (i always kind of wondered).  and, lastly, there was her first bath at home.  she didn't like it and i have the pictures to prove it.  in reality though i think that had more to do with her feelings towards us as clueless bath givers than it did with her actual feelings towards baths in general.  time will tell on that one.

and those my friends are about all of the milestones that i can remember from being in and out of a sleep coma all weekend.  notice that i did not include a shower for myself in this run down.  we're trying not to push things too fast around here.

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