Tuesday, April 30, 2013

the first week

i don't know if i have words to accurately describe this first week with the little one.  in short, we are so in love!!  we cannot get enough of all of her little squeaks, and coos, and grunts and even those little cries for help or food just melt us right to the core.  oh and those perfect lips and that sweet little tongue have kept us entertained for hours.  she has already mastered the art of surprise with her spit ups and diaper changes and keeps her dad and i in stitches as we continually laugh at the misfortune of the other.  then there are the crossed ankles when she feeds and the way that she throws her hands up over her head in triumph after she has finished as if she has just crossed the finish line of a marathon or won the coney island hot dog eating contest.

learning so much about our little hazel has already made me painfully aware of how fast she is changing.  each time she stretches out those legs and flexes those little feet she never quite shrinks back up to the same size that she was.  and those beautiful navy eyes are now fighting to stay open rather than trying to stay closed. 

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