Wednesday, May 1, 2013

a father's love

there is nothing quite like seeing the man that you love become a father.  and let me just tell you my man is doing it with flying colors.  not only is he AH-MAZING with hazel but he has also managed to love and support me unabashedly through this beautiful, awkward, (sometimes gross), thing called childbirth and healing.  i am pretty sure that he is every bit as tired as i am right now but he somehow manages to find the patience and energy when he gets home from work to introduce hazel to the likes of johnny cash, willie nelson, and louis armstrong amidst one of her screaming fits.  i ache to be around them together but right now most of what i can hear of their interactions comes from the sound that travels up into my bedroom as i am in and out of sleep. 

this man is a trooper i tell ya and has got the kindest, purest love for his new daughter.  my heart is so full!

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