Tuesday, April 16, 2013

winter storm warning

its hard to believe that this was the scene just yesterday, April 15th.  i woke up to a pile of snow already accumulating on our balcony and when i returned from work around five it was still going strong.  no complaints here.  i'll take a springtime world of white over the brown, muddy and barren any day.  it was just about the most beautiful day that i had seen in awhile.  big, puffy, perfect for snowball making flakes coming out of the sky for twelve hours straight.  i might complain about the cold from time to time but a winter wonderland . . . never!

jesse and i decided to take advantage of a little bit of free time together and went for a stroll around the neighborhood.  the silence was magical.  its a strange sound to want to bottle up but i did my best and i think that it is something that i will hold for awhile.  and the smells, oh, you could just smell the fires burning (i think someone was definitely roasting marshmellows).  and then there was this sense of calm, like everyone was relieved to have an excuse to stay inside their gingerbread houses and cuddle with loved ones.  everyone except us of course.  we prefer our cuddling in the great outdoors with mittens and wet eyelashes and rudolf noses.

there was this very big part of me that wanted to share this beautiful white world with my baby girl.  i want so badly to see the look in her eyes as she watches the snow come down and her reaction to the cold flakes that fall on her face.  i want her to love it here so badly, this place that we have chosen for her as home.  i want to take these walks as a threesome.  but, i've got to say that two plus a giant belly is pretty ok as well.  this man of mine just gets more and more attractive with a puffy coat, boots, and those rosy "i'm playing outside" cheeks. 

^^oh yeah, and an axe in his hands.  mmmmmmm, manly!^^

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