Thursday, May 16, 2013

the reality of things

yesterday was a rough one.

my sweet little girl was having a bad day and unfortunately her rookie mother just didn't know what to do.  the poor girl was overly exhausted (as was i) but try as i might i just couldn't get her to fall asleep.  all of my tricks that had so cleverly worked on her the day before amounted to nothing.  i tried every carrying position in every room of the house, i tried singing to her, i tried all of the expert recommended methods but to know avail.  and so, realizing my defeat, i simply gave her a kiss and told her that i loved her and that i was sorry that i couldn't help her . . . which was met with even louder screams.  fail!

the details are all a little fuzzy now.  in fact i'm not sure i could recall exactly what happened next if my life depended on it but somehow both of us ended up asleep (i wish i could remember how to replicate that).  sleeeeeeeep!  i awoke to the sound of my husband coming home (blessed relief!) and my baby girl's arm stretched out across my chest.  and oh, that moment, that beautiful moment when confidence and energy reentered my body.

and you know what . . . last night i got the best night of sleep that i have had in a month.  it wasn't eight hours straight or even anything close to that but it was my personal best so i'll take it.  oh, and looking back now i was able to fit in a shower in addition to my nap and cross off six of the ten things on my "to-do" list (over half counts as a win in my book).  so, looking back i guess yesterday wasn't quite so bad after all.

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