Thursday, May 30, 2013


listening to a Kirk Franklin gospel album Sunday morning before church, and jesse's (off-key though enthusiastic) accompaniment
afternoons outside on our lawn with my little buddy
friends that bring over dinner
^plants that defy my black thumb^
facetime with family
jesse's bedtime tradition of reading psalms to our little one
the sound of birds chirping in the AM
^a plateful of these cookies.  a perfect summer treat! (ps go ahead and double the recipe - trust me!)^
the anticipation i feel for our first night out (sans baby) - thank you aunt kathy!
my sister-in-law's new blog
hanging out with old friends again and (kind of) pretending like nothing has changed
hearing jesse giggle like a little boy as he tries out the slack line that he put up in our backyard
^iced tea, sun tea, sweet tea - doesn't matter in my book, it's all good^
purging my closet
the state of my room right now - that will last, hmmmm, 5 minutes?
moms who sneakily figure out your wishes via pinterest

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