Thursday, May 9, 2013

right now i love

a pair of beautiful eyes that recognize me, i think
baby sneezes
naps and warm baths
a husband who promises treats from the pantry to coax me to wake up
french toast for dinner
mom's cooking
4:15pm - daddy's home!
^this face^
hearing other people call her by name
jesse's patience with her even while she screams in his ear
sitting on the porch talking dirty diapers and dreams 
her little elfan ear (and the fact that after i pointed it out to jesse he quickly reassured her that the elfs were the most beautiful creatures in middle earth)
how excited jesse was to pack his "gear bag" for our first outing with baby
my husband's reactions to her bodily functions
dancing in the kitchen as a family to Louis Armstrong
hulu in bed while we wait for her last feeding before midnight
my little family of three

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