Wednesday, July 10, 2013

mundane wednesday

today was mundane, in the most normal, nothing out of the ordinary kind of way.  there were diapers and dishes and dinner preparations and naps (for the little one) and, well you get the point.  there was just life.  this beautiful, normal life.  i considered just letting today pass me by without much of a second glance.  not in a "good riddance" kind of way but rather "lets see what tomorrow brings."  the thing is though that three months ago none of this was normal.  not the staying at home part, not the diapers, not the small person napping in the other room.  and, well, that is exactly what i started this blog for in the first place.  to make memories of the mundane.  to appreciate my life for what it is.  i am in such a good place right now.  a place that so many other women would like to be and i need to  do realize that.  i have an incredible husband, a child that smiles at me and lets me hold her and rock her and sing her to sleep.  i have a home to call my own and even though i can't seem to make a decorating decision to save my life, it has the potential to be great and beautiful and exactly what i have dreamed of. 

i am lucky and i am thankful for a "boring" wednesday to remind me of that.

lest you think that this post is getting a little too blah and not really saying a lot . . . two things of note from today:

- in a moment of great intelligence i suddenly realized that spotify could provide me with the ability to listen to all of my favorite musicals for free.  Ah-maz-ing!  i don't know how this managed to slip my attention before.  hazel has been enjoying tolerating my sing-a-longs in my loudest most broadway-esq voice all day.  "now, i'm defying gravity . . . ."  her poor little ears will never be quite the same.
- secondly, i craved a banana for a midmorning snack.  wait, what!?  the last time that happened was, hmmmmm . . . never!

yep, like i warned in the beginning . . . pretty exciting around here today (which is also why the picture to accompany this post is of a dirty corner in my kitchen.  if not exciting at least i'm keeping the theme of this post consistent).

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  1. cute outfit :) and i also share your love of belting out defying gravity at ANY possible chance.