Friday, June 28, 2013

summer days slippin' away

around here summertime is this double edged sword.  on the one hand it is perfection. the weather, the activities, that Colorado sunshine!  the downside, though, is that this perfection is short lived before we start to see the snowflakes fly again.  every summer we strive to strike this balance between staying home and relaxing and getting out and enjoying life for the short time that we can without a coat on.

this summer is particularly special not only because we have a new little one in tow but also because it is the first time in our whole relationship that jesse and i have the weekends to spend together.  and oh what a wonderful thing two whole days together can be.

even though we are already a week into the official summer season i still thought it would be fun to come up with few things to help us make the most of our summer (and no jesse this is not a "to-do" list):
  • bake and decorate a layered cake (i need to perfect my skills before the pressure is on for birthday parties)
  • climb a 14er
  • go camping with the little one
  • attend a baseball game
  • plan another mountain-top picnic with friends
  • attend the denver flea market (and hopefully find some outdoor patio chairs)
  • get away for an overnight "adults-only" refresher
  • repaint our guest bathroom
  • try out a pure barre class
  • go for a family bike ride
  • hit up moab, utah
  • host an end of summer soiree
  • find an orchard to go peach picking
whether we do one or all of these things i am convinced that this will be our best summer yet.  babies just have this way of making everything great, ya know?

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