Monday, July 11, 2011


Happy Slurpee Day!!  7-11.  Click.  Yep I knew you were smart :)  The fact of the matter is that Slurpee's make Mondays better no matter what the date so run out and get yourself one.

For those of you that didn't run off to 7-11 immediately here is how the weekend went for us.

Hubs and I went "window shopping" for houses this weekend {note: house window shopping does not equate to randomly peaking in people's windows like a creeper to see if we like their house, we in fact had a bonifide real estate agent with us}.  No purchases were made, thank goodness, but it is so much fun to dream of the day when we can have a place of our own.  

Also, I got to hold not one but two babies under a year old and only one of them cried!  I think that means that I have about a 50% chance of being a good mother, could be worse.  All I know is that it thoroughly increased my current condition of baby fever.  I think I might be contagious too because just the other day the Mr. exclaimed how much he wanted kids so that he would have someone to "play with."  Hehe, so cute!  I LOVE this man!

Hmmm, I think that is all.  Ok now you can go have your slurpee and your 10 bonus points for reading to the end of this post.

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