Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pooh Sticks

The mister and I have a legitimate date all lined up for Thursday night, one that does not involve hiding under an umbrella or the possibility of wood ticks, but since Tuesday is our routine date night we decided to get out of the house anyway.

It started with a little comfy chair time at our local bookstore followed by a walk along the river.  And, what is a date night without a little friendly competition so at the first sight of a bridge I challenged my man to a game of Pooh Sticks.  The only problem was that the river is running so quickly right now it was difficult to determine who won.  Now, we all know that friendly competitions are no good without a champion (don't believe me ask a 6 year old) so I went ahead and took one for the team and announced that my stick had won.  Pooh agreed.

The night progressed with the largest dandelion (or something) find of the century, a "not as bad as it could have been" encounter with dog poop (in flip flops no less), and a moment of shelter from the rain under a pine tree.  Tonight was again proof at how little I actually know about this place where we live, so I am determined to keep exploring and seeing the sights from new angles.

In other news - husband tried to show off for me tonight in the kitchen by flipping water in a pan in the same way that a professional chef might flip a pancake.  I'll go ahead and let you decide how that one turned out.

Ta ta

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