Thursday, July 14, 2011

Change in Plans

Today our plans for a romantic date night were thwarted by a severe case of womanhood for yours truly.  But, the night was not all loss because:

- I was able to finish my book and verify that I do in fact make a good detective having solved the mystery well before the heroine.  Girl, you should have let me handle that one . . . it would have saved lives!
- A nap was not only encouraged by husband but also astonishingly easy to take even with my usual "use every minute of the day productively" ways
- Dinner amounted to M&Ms - sorry Mom
- Husband and I got to have a necessary though hard to bring up conversation about the future and I didn't even cry!
- There were plenty of kisses
- And mostly the night was not a loss because just about the time that we would have been enjoying a delicious dessert in a dark, romantic, candlelit room we were instead enjoying the most incredible watercolor display in the sky!

I stand by my claim - Thurday nights are the best!

*All photos completely unretouched

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