Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Snapshots








This was definitely one of those perfect weekends where even though we drove over two hundred miles and didn't get to sleep in at all we had a great time.

Highlights included:
- Moonlight swimming
- Thrift store shopping
- Sophistocated picnic in my Grandmother's back yard for her 88th birthday
- Watching aforementioned Grandmother open her birthday gift of an iPad and laughing (good-naturedly) at her try to use it
- Laying on fresh cut grass and staring up through the trees while chatting with my cousins
- The best live baseball game I have ever been to - seriously, I paid attention . . . to the game!  Yeah, it was that good. {PS we lost :( }
- Ballpark food - need I say more
- Two fantastic lightening shows (from a distance)
- A dirt road and a sunset
- Wildflower madness

Ahhhh weekends how I do love thee!

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