Thursday, July 21, 2011

Can't Wait

Wohoooo!  Tonight is date night and I can't wait!

I get to dress up in heels and put on makeup and you . . . you are going to look so handsome in your snazzy clothes.

We get to sip on fancy cocktails and eat to our hearts content and pretend as if we are rich and do this all of the time.  We get to stare at each other across candlelight  and laugh as we try to pick up the right silverware and not spill on our fancy clothes.

There may be dancing.

There most definitely will be dessert!

I can't wait!

Now if only I didn't have these 8 hours of work and grumpy customers in-between me and you time.

(Photo taken by the very talented Shane Macomber - hire him! You won't regret it!)

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