Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cold Feet

Dear Husband,

I know that you like going camping with the boys.  You get to catch fish, and scale large rocks, go exploring and adventuring.  You play sneak up on the animals and cook food over an open fire.  You talk about girls and that other thing that has to do with girls.  You grow a beard overnight and sleep on the cold hard ground.  You get to be really, really manly and I love that about you!

But, PLEASE come home.  I miss my best friend and snuggle buddy.  You know, the one that keeps my feet warm and night and makes sure that the house is locked tight to keep me safe.  The one that tells me I am beautiful when I wake up and gives me love pats on the bootay while I am cooking.  THAT guy needs to come home now cause I am lonely without him.

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