Monday, July 25, 2011

You spent WHAAAAAAT?

Remember that fancy date that we went on last week?  Well, these are the only two pictures that we have to remember it by.  Two measely iphone pictures to remember probably the most expensive meal that we will ever eat in our lives.  How expensive, you ask?  Well lets just say it contained a 3 and then two other numbers after that and THEN the decimal point.  Yup.  Boy was it delish!  And, it was all thanks to a very generous gift from some friends.  Aren't people just the best!?

Per usual I filled myself up before we even got to the main course.  Really though, how do they expect you to only pick one kind of bread when they offer you 6 choices.  Is there a restaurant out there that just offers bread as a meal?  There should be - I would be a faithful patron.  I managed to only spill on myself once although I think the silverware had it out for both of us.  It was weighted in just the right proportion to do a flip whenever you put it down.  Oh and the dessert - soooooo yummy.   Chocolaty, gooey, molten, rich mess is what that was.  I did fail in one front though.  I think this was my one and only opportunity in life to try kobe beef and see what all of the fuss is about.  But, gift card and all it just seemed a little selfish to get the most expensive thing on the menu - so I got the second most expensive instead.  Plain 'ol cow.

We had planned on taking a little stroll around the grounds of the resort after dinner but I'll just be honest - my dress was cutting off circulation to my stomach and so before I knew it I was feeling ill, very ill.  Lesson learned.  Wear sweat pants should a meal of this magnitude ever present itself again.

For dinner tonight - mac and cheese.  Just keepin it real.

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