Monday, October 10, 2011

On adopting and going pro

This weekend Jesse and I headed into the big city with the main objective being to get me a new car.

Let me just say that I used to think that there was nothing worse than car shopping . . . there IS - car shopping when it is 34 degrees, windy, and some wet gross mix of rain and snow.  I wanted to just stay home but this was our one and only day to get a car so gosh darn it we were coming home with one.  It just so happened that "the one" ended up having seat heaters (Ihavenoideahowthathappened).  Cue happy face!  Anyway, I like to say that we adopted it because poor little guy was given up by its former owners, was the only one of its kind on the lot, and we rescued it from all of the pushy salesmen (plus it makes it feel like more of the family and less like a check that was written).  That is what I like to say - Jesse likes to say it looks like a spaceship which I really can't argue with.

On Sunday I got to attended my first ever pro football game!  I can see now why people like going to those things - the nachos, the cheerleaders, the halftime show, the pregame show, the dance off that was happening three rows in front of us, the guy that did about a million and a half backflips in a row (without crashing into anyone else no less) - good times!  The game was awesome too (some guy named Tebow played).  It literally came down to the last second too!  Again, we lost. :(

 Alright crazybusyweek bring it on.

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