Monday, January 16, 2012

Date Night: A Night at the Opera

Friday night Jesse and I had a much needed date night out (much needed meaning that I needed some convincing to take a shower - I HATE cold showers, but for for the promise of not having to cook, anything).

On recommendation we weaved our way through some quaint alleyways to The Divine Comedy restaurant.  Not only did the restaurant give off a not so subtle Phantom of the Opera vibe but there were people singing opera live (inbetween serving food that is).  I couldn't quite decide if they were waiters who sang or singers who waited tables.  Either way this is something that I could get used to (hear that Josh Groban - I expect to see you at our next restaurant when we return stateside)!

The food was delicious!  It was hard to believe that we enjoyed two appetizers, a bottle of wine, two incredible entrees, and coffee for a mere $53!  And that my friends is why you travel.  New rule - every night is date night.

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