Monday, July 23, 2012

because my weekend was boring let's look at pictures from my husband's

This weekend the Mr. headed out into the woods with his friends for their annual backpacking/fishing trip.  I love hearing the silly stories when he comes back of "boys being boys" and there is a very real part of me that would like to sneak up the mountain behind them next year and just watch and listen in.  Who's with me?  Only let's bring wine and chocolate instead of fish and beer.

As for me, I stayed home, worked and avoided any sort of movie that might make me cry (I have this really bad habit of watching deparately sad movies while the husband is away).  However, as much as I missed him (never mind that he was only gone for one night), the sweet anticipation of hugging that dirty man made up for my lonely bed.

On a side note if any lady out there is looking for her very own mountain man I know of a few qualified candidates.  This little town of ours is sometimes aptly nicknamed the "male valley."

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