Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the countdown

One month from today I will turn 30.  Yayy!  I know that you might think that I am a little crazy to be excited about that but I am honestly really looking forward to this next decade.  The older that I get the more my confidence grows and the better a woman I become so what is there not to be excited about?

It is kind of a funny thing to think about because one of my earliest memories is being at my Mom's 30th birthday party (I would have been 3 at the time).  While it makes me a little bit sad to not be able celebrate this milestone with a child of my own, I trust God's timing and will continue to relish this time that I have with just my man.

Speaking of time lets check in on some of my goals:

Already accomplished:
1.  Dye my hair brown
3.  Become conversational in Spanish
21.  Stop biting my nails
25.  Host a dinner
27.  Establish a weekly family tradition  

In process:
6.  Get approved for a home mortgage (the papers are flying)
8.  Finish our wedding book (just have to hit the "order" button - don't know why I have trigger jitters)
11.  Lose 10lbs (3lbs to go - I can do 3lbs in four weeks right?)
19.  Sew a piece of clothing (started on it this weekend - I think I am going to love it!)
28.  Refurbish a piece of furniture (supplies are on hand just need a free sunny day)

Probably not going to happen:
7.  Take a cooking class
10.  Take guitar lessons
14.  Buy a "timeless" watch (I've had my eye on this one)
18.  Own a pearl necklace (perfect)

If you would like to see the full list you can find it here.  I'm pretty proud of what I have been able to do in just the last six months.  Although the type A personality in me would like to have everything checked off by my birthday, I have come to the realization that it is probably not going to happen (mostly for financial reasons) and I am ok with that.  I look forward to continuing to set goals well past my 30th birthday.

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